What is Love?

(It can be tough to explain)

Mark Fennell, June 3, 1997



This poem is noteworthy for the girl, and for the date it was written.

I tried expressing some feelings which were difficult for me to express, about a woman I had come to know.

As it turned out, I married the woman a few months later.

We are still together, and we are both very happy.

What is love?


What is love?

I have 1,000 examples

and yet how can I share publically?


Most examples make sense only to us

As for the other examples...

Those will remain our secrets


I call her up - no reason

just to know she still cares


The first thing I think about is her safety

The last thing I think about is her parting kiss


I’ve been strong all my life

yet now I am not always sure

I’ve been independent all my life

but now I so often need her


I work with words,

and yet I can not always find the words I need

I know I love her,

and yet I can not always explain how I feel