I will first answer a few main questions simply.

1) Are UFO’s real, in the sense of space craft from other planets?


2) Was there a conspiracy at Roswell, and at other sites, but the US Air Force and other US government agencies, which covered up what really happened?



3) Did aliens from other planets land at Roswell?



4) Have aliens from other planets visited us?

Yes, but not so many.


5). How are aliens able to keep themselves hidden?

This involves a discussion of science and magic


1. Are UFO’s real?

I believe that UFO’s may be real. I believe that aliens from other planets exist, and that they may have visited. What they do when they get here and how often they’ve visited is another matter.

My main reason is statistics. As Carl Sagan would say, there are ‘billyuns and billyuns’ of stars out there and ‘ billyuns and billyuns’ of planets. The likelihood of life existing on many of those planets is high.

Furthermore, they will explore. As humans, we’ve always explored, and continue to do so in space. There is no doubt that life on other planets has done the same.

Third, there have been many sightings by multiple witnesses, all credible, which can not be explained. To be sure, most of the sightings, even those by credible witnesses, can be explained after some investigation. But there are enough out there that can not be explained that makes me believe we are dealing with something else.

Similarly, I know from my experiences that I can see something exist that people doubt. (I covered this extensively in my earlier chapters in “Making America Great”). Hence, if a credible person says he saw something, and can describe it in detail, I am inclined to take it as truth.

A final point to ponder: Angels. I have seen comparisons made between UFO phenomenon sighted in recent times (the past 50 years) to spiritualsightings over the past two thousand years. Often descriptions are very similar. The spiritual sightings include angels, spirits, ghosts, bright lights, and other things. (In some cases the ancient description borders on that of sighting a flying craft).

There are two ways to take this. One is that many UFO sightings today are sightings of the spiritual world. That is, people are actually seeing communication from spirits and angels.

The other way to take this is that we have been visited by life from other planets. We have been visited many times and long ago, and the people then could only think spirits and not life on other planets, and so that is what they wrote it down as.

(We will talk about all this and more in item #4, where we talk about alien visitations).

2 and 3. Was there a conspiracy at Roswell, and Did aliens land at Roswell

I think it is best to cover these two issues at the same time. There were no aliens at Roswell. But, unfortunately, the knotheads at the Air Force responded in a way which made the people skeptical, and thus fueled the cover-up theories.

As I mentioned earlier, I read a book published recently by someone in the Air Force, which helps explain certain facts. Their description of the technology of the craft and the science of the experiment, along with some pictures, helped me understand. That and documentaries I’ve watched have led me to my conclusions.

So, what happened at Roswell?

The basic story is this: The Air Force launched a test device, albeit an unusual one. Some people saw it both in the air and as pieces on the ground. The government kept people far away, then the government denied everything people saw, and finally choose to answer the public with improper phrasing and at the same time keeping secretive.

The “weather balloon”

The Air Force said that what they sent up was a “weather balloon.” This is a highly unfortunate description. When most people think of a weather balloon, they think of those things I say in Jr. High school and the Boy Scouts, specifically: a balloon not much bigger than a party balloon with a box attached.

This is definitely NOT what people saw. In fact, that is not at all what the government sent up.

This device was much larger, made of a different type of material, and was dropped from several thousand feet - almost at the region where sky becomes space. Hence, it is no wonder that when the government said “weather balloon” no one believed them. Had the government gotten more specific, people would have understood.

What about the bodies? Let’s look at what this experiment was testing. Remember that this object was dropped very near the space-sky border.

The experiment is this: Eventually we hope to get men into space. Should anything go wrong, perhaps the astronauts can jettison from the spacecraft and return to earth. Would this be possible from such a great height?

The government built a special craft for this purpose, and used crash test dummies.

Hence the bodies.

What about the body bags?

The government put these crash test dummies in body bags - an unfortunate coincidence.

It should be remembered in all this that this stuff is advanced. The craft is no average weather balloon, but the latest technology in flight. The crash test dummies are no ordinary ones, but the most advanced available.

It should be noted that several experiments were done like this. One experiment actually used a real person. He was dropped from the greatest height anyone has ever dropped from, almost in space. And he lived. There is a picture in the book I read. National Geographic even covered this story. If not for these pictures, I might never have believed it.

each view in perspective

It is unfortunate the way the government handled the landing site. I will give the same story from the perspective of many sides (I’ve seen these types of characters behave often)

From the side of the scientists: To most accurately determine the results of the experiment, the scientists need to collect every single piece. Also as important, they need to note the spatial arrangement of the pieces. They also need to make sure that the pieces are returned to the lab exactly in the condition they are when they hit.

Hence, scientists needed the area blocked off so no one would accidentally tamper with the data pieces (even to innocently touch or move a piece could confuse the results). That is why people could not come near. It is the same as for an archeological dig, or for an airplane crash investigation.

From the view of the security and government personnel: These guys just do their job, they do what they are told, and they don’t care why. Their orders are to keep people away, and so they do, however gruff or secretive.


The military is not one for being talkative. They like secrets - it is how they keep ahead and win battles. So, it is not surprising that they did not know how to talk to the people. They also forget that we are not the enemy, rather it is our country, and it is we who pay their salaries. Military people tend to forget all that. But, they’ve gotten better since then about communicating with us.


As for security guards, I’ve even seen security guards at concerts who were unnecessarily rude. Or guards who are adamant about not letting a relative in the door. They are just that way (obviously you can tell from my tone that I think we’d be a lot better off without security guards, or at least heavily altered.)


In any case, the guards keep the people away, and the military spins a story, and no one who works there asks any questions.


From the perspective of the people: They saw something unusual, and want to see more. This is natural, healthy curiosity. But when they try to get close, they are pushed away. When they turn to the news, the news tells them things that don’t match with their experience. The people get suspicious, and rumors start. Hence, the theory “aliens have landed but are being hid from the public.”


Had the government been more forthcoming, things would be different.


4) Have aliens from other planets visited us?

Yes, but not so many.

Here we talk about these questions: Have aliens visited us. If so, when? Where? How often? Why are they sighted in certain areas, and only by certain people? What about all those satellites and people searching for life yet not finding it? And so forth.


There are a few main theories which I will cover.

You could also look at these as choices the space visitors take when they arrive.


1) The first theory is that the space visitors visited long, long ago. These might have been the ones who gave the Greeks and Egyptians their earliest science. They might have been the basis for the Greek gods.

2) The second theory is that space visitors have past by from time to time, even checked the place out, but found nothing of interest. They may have come a million years ago, or a thousand, or even a few hundred years ago.

But how much can a medieval alchemist understand the advancements of a space alien? And so, the visitors go on by.


3) The third theory, which I only partially subscribe to, is that the visitors are visiting even today. This breaks into three sub-theories:

a) they keep themselves out of the way and observe from afar;

b) they live directly with us peacefully;

c) or they study us like frogs in a biology class.


I’ll explain where I stand on these things a bit later.


They have visited, but infrequently

The thing to remember here is the distance and time required to travel. We know it takes many decades, even centuries. at best, to travel around in space. Even if these space creatures solve some of the problems we face now in space travel, it will still take years. These creatures will not venture out that often. And, even then, there are so many solar systems and planets to choose from, only a fraction of the time will they come here.

So I do believe space visitors have come over time, but only infrequently.

That leaves us with two problems, conflicting with each other, to address.

First, if I believe that people today have seen UFO’s, and so many, then how can I say that visitors come infrequently.


Second, with our satellites and super telescopes why don’t the scientists at large detect these UFO’s. Related to these two questions above are the choices I gave earlier for aliens who chose to visit us today.


The basic answer for me is this: I don’t know. We have a lot to learn technologically. Could Pythagoras know how to make a microchip? We have a lot to learn; aliens from other planets may know much that we don't yet know.


As for what they choose to do when the get here, again, it is a choice. Even among humans, different cultures make different choices, and so it is possible for different visitors to do different things.

However, having said that, I think that visitations are far, far, less than people claim. The lack of data from satellites confirms this.

Most of the sightings in the country are near military air force bases, not often near farms etc., and so the sighting can be attributed to a new air force development.

Most of the sightings in the cities are unbelievable because hundreds of people should have seen the same thing. And where city residents have seen the same thing, most cases have been discovered to be explainable.

But, to return back again, there are some legitimate unexplained cases. Keep these as data. We may not understand what we see, but it exists. If a villager in 400 AD heard a radio, or saw an airplane, he would not be able to understand what he heard or saw, and so it is with us. There may be ways for space visitors to slip past our satellite systems, and to visit our world discretely, that we are not aware of.


5. How are aliens able to keep themselves hidden? (April 2001)

With so many satellites looking everywhere, and with so many people on this earth, how can only a few people see these space crafts?

The basic answer I now have is "Magic."
Not real magic, but what is magic to us.

Look at the magicians, both now and throughout time.

The magicians of old knew secrets, which then became more well understood scientifically. Once these concepts were understood, and generally told to others, then the magic, the secret, is no more.
And so it is with how UFO's can hide. We don't know now how they do it, but someday we will know.

Let us look at the slight of hand that magicians do today.
I've seen a guy seemingly move a mountain - lift it right off, and move it. Obviously he couldn't - millions of people would know about it, but to those in the audience, he appeared to move that mountain. It looked good.

I also saw a magician be shackled in a box, and this box was put on a stand. The stand had only post legs, and lots of space. And yet, this magician got herself unshackled, and out of the box, all the way to the other side of the room. The camera never cut away, there was space below the box - how did she do it?? How is this possible? Even my science trained mind starts to believe in magic.

These are but two examples of magicians doing amazing things. I have seen the acts, and have no idea how it is done. It seems scientifically impossible, and yet, they do it!

I believe science is behind both of those magical acts. But we don't know how. That is the magic.

Back to the UFO's. I believe they know some tricks that we don't. Today's science is yesterdays magic. (Electricity, for example). So how do UFO's hide? I'm not sure, but I do know that if one magician could get out of the box, and another make a mountain move, then UFO's now how to hide.

It is an advanced form of camouflage - they can do it, but we just don't know how yet.