Term Limits Details


I believe in term limits for the higher offices: US Congress, US Senate, President.

Local offices do not need term limits.

Term limits help all involved:

When representatives are far away from the people, such as representatives working in Washington, they lose touch with the people they represent. Hence, soon they cease to represent the people at all.

Also, the world of DC is not the real world. It is only politics, media, and lobbiests. It is hard to know the needs of the people this way.

With term limits, the person is forced to retire. Then other candidates will be available, candidates who are more in touch with the regular person and the needs of the communties.

This also helps the retired representative. He goes back to his home, lives his normal life as with everyone else. After 5 years or so of this, he is refreshed, far more in touch with the people than he ever was at the end of his last term.

Term limits for national offices help ensure the representatives truly represent the common man in their juristiction.


This is not so necessary for local offices because the people live where they serve. They are in touch with the people.

Even state level offices is not as necessary, because traveling back to the home region is done more often, and is quite a lot easier.