Success is mine

M. Fennell



(This is not one of my best works, but I had just accomplished a major feat. This accomplishment took a lot of work, and much sacrifice. So I had to write something. It is something we all feel.)

Today I’ve accomplished
An arduous feat
It’s been my life’s goal
Took me years to complete

I’ve been through Hell
Almost going insane
Never quite sure
If I’d be struggling in vain

I look back and question
Why I was afraid
There’s little to fear
It’s persistence that pays

How many times
Did I fall on my face
Now success is mine
I’ll tell the whole human race

I’ve worked so hard
Permit me to shout
These times are so rare
We must make them count

Oh, to be finished
The pleasure is divine
Nothing can bother me
In Heaven I reside