Standardized Test Details


One example:

When I took a standardized test in Graduate school for Chemistry, I noted several questions where the answer seemed not to be there. This was an American Chemical society exam - so it was supposed to be a high quality test. There were several of these wrong questions. I even did research right after the exam on those questions, and found that I was correct: the test answers were wrong.

Could I have not remembered the question correctly? No. I did something technically illegal, but to me highly moral in this case. (My moral standards are very high). I copied down some questions and answers to take with me. That way I could be absolutely sure. If I was in error, then I would have learned my Chemistry better. If the test was in error, well, I could be absolutely sure.

And I am sure. Several of those questions had wrong or misleading answers.


Because of that, I will never trust a standardized test again.


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