Spiritual radar


I believe that humans have a spiritual radar.


As a scientist, I am well aware of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the spectrum of sound waves. Our spiritual radar is very analogous to these spectrums.

Let us think about this EM spectrum in detail, for it is important in my spiritual views. In the electromagnetic spectrum, there are many waves - microwave, radio, television, visible light, UV, Infrared, x-ray, and more. We can tune to a different channel, and get different results.

For example, we see visible waves as color, we feel the Infrared waves as heat, and radio waves travel long distances to carry information to our homes.


There is a spiritual world, and in this world there exists a series of waves or channels. Some humans are better at picking up these channels than others. And some humans can pick up some channels, but not others.

It reminds me of the snake, an animal which can see infrared though humans can not. Or dogs, that can hear a frequency that humans can not. Elephants are known to emit ultrasonic sounds when they are in trouble - humans can't hear, but elephants can. (if you stand close enough to the elephant however, you can feel the vibrations).


And so it is with humans and the spiritual radar.

Some people can pick up these channels, and they can sense the spiritual world. These people get more visits from the spiritual world. These people are also more psychic (in the true sense of the word), with visions or dreams which lead them to uncanny results.

(Yes there are fakes and charlatans, which I discuss elsewhere, but focusing on the real people, I believe these real interactions take place via this spiritual radar).


When you pray, or meditate, I believe that this action focuses your body to that spiritual radar. It is like keeping your television antenna or satellite disk in good condition, so you are more able to get the spiritualchannel.

Pastors and spiritual advisors got their calling because of some innate ability to hear more from the spiritual world than the average person.


I also believe that different channels pick up different things. Some channels receive contacts from those who passed away. Some channels pick up visions or know that a friend is in trouble. Some channels pick up inspiration. Other channels pick up words to say when counseling another.

This means two related concepts: On the one hand, all humans are capable of this spiritual radar. Yet on the other hand, each individual is really built to only handle a few channels, and only at certain times.


I know there are spirits, be they angels or humans from the past, which want to talk to us. But like the elephants ultrasonic sounds, we humans can't hear. So the spirits try to tell us things, and we try to listen, but wehave to work on our radar system to hear better.


I don't think I personally have much of a spiritual radar. If I do, it is mostly in the arena of arts, the muse coming to me. When I have spiritual questions, I tend to rely on others who have a better tuning to the spiritual world. I ask them, they get input from the spiritual world, and then they tell me. The spirits there would love to tell me directly, I'm sure, but I'm just not picking them up as well as others can.


That is the basics of the spiritual radar, a basis for our link from the human to the spiritual world.