Soulfully High




How many people notice I use the word
How few understand

How could they

in a world which values sensual and sensational

over soulful and sublime?


Soulful is a child-like innocence

awed at a flowing waterfall

drawn to a tiny new flower

smiling with the kids you see laughing at the fair


Soulful is feeling music penetrate your heart

like a breathtaking new day

Basking in the final lingering chord

of “A Day in the Life”


Hearing the haunting echo calling you

in John Denver’s “Country Roads”

Eagerly anticipating the 20 second harpsichord solo

in Billy Joel’s “She’s Right on Time”

for it always says as much

as an epic novel


Soulful is reading a poem which rips your heart out

but you must read more

for it is about you

in ways even you didn’t know


Or sitting in a theater

glad it is dark

so no one will see you moved to tears.

And moved even more as you hear a roomful of tissues.

You are not the only one.


Love has a way of going through your scaly armor

hitting you with a quickness and depth you’ve rarely seen


Once your heart has melted

you never want to go back

and just remain forever

Soulfully High