A Sleepy Poem

Mark Fennell


I woke up and wrote this in 5 minutes, without a hesitation. I did not edit.

This is "B" quality poem, written essentially in my sleep. Still, some people have found it cute.


This is a poem
Which might not have rhyme
I don’t usually write them
But I don’t have much time

It may not have rhythm
I don’t know if it will
But you take what you get
Until my coffee is filled

It may not move you
Though I sure wish it did
I just hope I don’t lose you
Before I open my lids

It has no deep meaning
But I guess that’s okay
Because I’m late for my meeting
And I’ve got errands today

There is no moral lesson
(Except to set your alarm)
And my only confession
Is that I’ve slept on my arm

The coffee isn’t poured
And my Danish didn’t keep
But the Muse wont be ignored
Though the poet is still asleep