Sex Views Details


Again, I believe that any sexual activity between to consenting adults is acceptable.

I may not understand it. I may not wish to see it or hear about it. However, what two people do in their own home is no concern to me.

However, this implies a few rules of courtesy.

1. Be discrete.

Even "regular" sex, between a married couple, is private. In general, sex is not something to be everywhere all the time. And for an activity that many people find distasteful, that means the more reason to be discrete about it. It is not that it is shameful or anything wrong (if you don't think its wrong), it is just a matter of courtesy and taste regarding others (who don't want to see it or who do think its wrong).


Related is the issue of public display versus courtesy discretion, or censorship.

The community has a right to see things they want, and a right to not see things they do not want to see.

If the majority of people do not wish to see overt sex (in magazines, films, tv), then they have a right to push for a courteous form of censorship. This basically means: put these things away from minors, limit its direct view from the main public.

And, similarly, those who enjoy such things, should accept the limited access to the public displays. If they choose to partake, they know where to find it.



2. Stay healthy and safe.

Even "regular" sex can cause unwanted problems. And the more alternative things you do, the more likely you will run into problems. Then if a disease is contracted, it can be passed along to someone else, who is unsuspecting. And that is why your being healthy concerns all of us.



Related issue: Sex Education

There are articles, books, and more on being safe and healthy. There is no need to teach it or talk about it to all in school, but for those who are interested in a particular subject, they can read before they partake.

(By the way, for those with firm views on sex, note that reading about the safety and health issue of some subjects is likely to be a deterrent from actually doing it.)