School should be optional for those who want to work


The more I experience the world, the more I believe that school should be optional.

A hundred years ago and more, parents would keep their kids home to work on the farm. The farm was their life, their income, and much more.

And even in the early 1900s, some parents would keep their kids from school to work other jobs, and thus help out with the family income.

I recall when I was young, wanting desperately to work. But there was an age limit, even for after school work. This kind of thing should be abolished so that anyone who wants to can work.

Furthermore, much of high school, then and now, is useless. Only a handful of things taught in all those years is really useful to anybody.

Finally, job competition is tough. If you are not willing to work at school to get the skills needed, then you will lose out. This applies to degreed jobs. So, if you don't want to do that kind of work, you need to learn some other set of skills.

The proper thing to do is to let people work instead of going to school.


If a young man is willing to work, and is not interested in school, by letting him work we have many benefits:

1. The man will be working and making money. This is one of the ultimate goals of education (it should be anyway). So we have met that goal by letting him have a job.

2. Working provides experience. This man will learn skills on the job. He will learn related skills from his co-workers (which he will likely use in the future). On the job training and work experience can provide the most valuable and practical education.

3. This man will be productive, and not a delinquent causing problems.

4. This man will be happy, enjoying his life, doing as he really wants. This is something we want everyone to be, and college degreed jobs are often NOT the jobs that bring happiness. This is also a sign of freedom, as is our American rights, to pursue our happiness as we want.

5. Fewer students mean less burden on the school. Class sizes will drop down, schools will be less crowded, and principals can focus on other things.


However, again, the catch here is that the person must be working.

The choices are these: work at school, work in the family business/farm, work as a regular adult in any profession, or attend a trade school. The person must be working as a productive, income earning person, or, he must be attending school seriously to be able to work soon.

That is the bottom line goal of education. And it doesn't matter if the person goes to college or not, or doesn't finish high school.

So let us free our schools, free our people, by making school optional: if you don't like school, find a trade and make your money right away.