The Rookie

M. Fennell



My very first job begins today
I’ll enjoy taking home some serious pay
And I must always boast of my great GPA

This is a day I’d better impress
Hey, who’s shrinking my favorite vest?
A necktie in August is the ultimate test

I pray that this meeting wont last very long
I hope you don’t want me to actually catch on
What was the question? My brain was half gone

Don’t you worry about being alone
They’ll page you, e-mail, fax and phone
Why they might even call you at home

I’ve learned of some cubicle etiquette
Guard what you say or you may soon regret
For eavesdropping here is a sporting event

My oh my, it’s been quite a day
One last question before I go my own way
Since I happened to burn down the factory today
Am I still entitled to vacation pay?