Public Transportation

We need more public transportation, and fewer freeways. This is important, and I am realistic about this.

Overview - a realistic combination

Advantages to Public Transportation

Disadvantages to cars and the Freeway system


Common disadvantages in Public Transportation, and how to fix

My experiences with public transportation - good, bad, real.

Many suggestions on improving the situation


The Government

Overview - a realistic combination


It is very important that we reduce the number of freeways, and make public transportation more realistic.

I am realistic. I see all forms of transportation co-existing.

Some anti-public transportation leaders say that we will never get people out of their cars. They say we've tried, and it hasn't worked.

I disagree.

We will always have cars, and for good reasons. Yet many people would take public transportation if the systems were better. We have not designed enough realistic public systems to make it work.


I have used public transportation. I have seen it work, in many cities.


Yet, I've also been there in the bad aspects of public transportation, such as waiting for a bus in a Texas summer when the humidity is suffocating.

I still believe strongly that increasing public transportation is important. We must be realistic, and we must truly desire it. If so, we can think creatively and find a way.

Advantages to Public Transportation


1. We don't have to tear up anymore beautiful land.

Trees and land are precious. There are so few trees anymore, and little grass.

To see nature is life giving. And yet to see concrete is depressing. We must keep nature to walk in, and to look at, in every section of the country, no matter how many people live there.


2. A peaceful ride to work.

Ah! You don't have to concentrate on driving in rush hour. You can sit, read the newspaper, take more time to wake up.


3. Do work on the way.

You used to drive an hour to work each way. Now you can use that hour to do a bit of work - skim some reports, prep for the morning meeting, think over some ideas you have.


4. A Better day at work.

Your first stress will be at work, not the ride to work. While everyone else is flustered and anxious, you have had a peaceful ride. You are refreshed and ready to go.


5. A peaceful ride home.

A hard day at work. No problem. You sit back and let someone else do the driving. You can relax and start to unwind. No more added stress from driving home. And, you are doubly relaxed from that ride home.


6. Health benefits 1: Blood pressure, ulcers, anxiety, heart attack... a thing of the past.

Someone else drives, not you. You just show up for work, and arrive home. You will be stronger, more energetic, and your doctor will be pleased.


7. Health benefits 2: walking, cardiovascular exercise.

Health experts generally say that 15-30 minutes walking a day is necessary to maintain good health.

You walk from the bus or train to work, and then at the end of the day walk back again. Those few minutes are good for your health.

Yes, you're wearing those nice shoes, but its no problem for only 30 minutes. If you want, wear tennis shoes to work, and change when there. I've seen many professionals in many cities do it.


8. A better quality life at home.

Your kids, your you come home grumpy? or do you come home relaxed, ready to see them?


9. Make a friend, know your neighbors

If you take the same public transportation every day at about the same time, you will likely see the same people.

Yes, I know that often people stay to themselves, and many prefer it that way. However, many times I have gotten to know people. They can be my traveling friends. We talk while we wait, we talk on the ride.

It is companionship, friendship, and a pleasant way to spend the time.

The wait and the ride go much faster.

And you look forward to the ride, just so that you can talk to your buddy.


10. Lower car costs.

You may still own a car, but less money spent on repairs and gas. Also your car lasts longer.

You may choose not to own a car at all, or own just one car instead of two (carpooling can work: I have been doing it for the past 5 years).

Not needing that car means no cost of car payment, no car insurance, and no car repairs. This leaves more cash for fun.


11. No parking problems

Weekday or weekend, for work or errand or pleasure, you will never have to concern yourself with finding parking.


12. Dating #1 - no parking difficulties

Going to a popular area (clubs, restaurants)? It can take a long time to find parking. With public transportation, you don't have to worry about it.


13. Dating #2 - flexibility

You can go for a walk, you can stop at other places, you can even take public transit to someplace completely different.

Also, you never have to take the time to go back to the car, drive, and try to repark.


14. Dating #3 - party as much as you want.

Stay out late. You can get tired and let public transit take you home.

Drink as much as you want. No worries about being impaired.


15. Dating #4 - no concerns about your car.

Will someone break in? Will it be damaged or stolen? No worries! No car, no concerns!


16. Dating #5 - have more fun with your date

No need to pay attention to the traffic, you can focus all your attention on your date. You are more free and have more fun.


17. Dating #6 - no accidents

Most major, serious accidents happen in the late hours of the night. Usually it is someone foolish (too drunk, and driving too fast). With public transit, you will never, ever be in such an accident. You are far safer.


18. Dating #7 - go to places with limited parking, and get closer

Museums, clubs, and more - limited parking, often far away. With public transit, you get to the main spots, and, in places like museums, often right to the front door.


Disadvantages to cars and the Freeway system

1. Ugly concrete.

2. Constant construction.

3. No nature to look at, and no sky. All sides of you are more cars and freeway. Above you is a massive series of concrete flyovers.

4. Long hours stuck in traffic.

5. Worried about being late to work.

6. Worn out and tired before you even get to work.

7. Blood pressure increases.

8. Alone in your car, no one to talk to while you wait.

9. Radio commercials.

10. So many things to pay attention to when you are tired (at the beginning of day, just awakening, and at the end of day after long hard work)

11. Come home tired, exhausted from the drive. Not pleasant to spouse or kids.

12. Car payment.

13. Car insurance.

14. Car repairs. Time and money. In the shop, yet again.

15. Road rage and accidents.

16. Can't find parking, or its expensive.

17. Private property must be taken when a new freeway is built. Lots of private property. That home could be yours, belonging to your family for years.