Powers of man as individual


Summary points

Powers of Man:

• To do what is noble over what is easy.

• To serve as an example through his behavior.

• To keep humanity amidst reality.

• To be humane within his sphere of influence.

• To voice his heart and take risks in order to make changes.



Powers of Man

An individual, even this society, does have certain powers. He has the power to do certain specific acts in his work. He has the power to treat his coworkers and neighbors with civility. He has power to help a man in need. He has the power to be humane despite criticism. He has the power to persuade others to be humane by his caring yet stoic example.

An individual is faced with a hundred choices daily. Every choice is an opportunity to be humane or inhumane, to do what is right over what is easy. Every choice is an opportunity to show that all is not lost in this society, and to show a fellow human being that people do matter. With every choice, you can display courage and integrity, and inspire others to do the same. Every choice is your chance to know what living is truly about.

The individual has these powers inherently. He does not need to work to attain such power - he merely needs to use it. He must remember his compassion in order to respect others and be civil. He needs to call up his courage to publicly chastise those who abuse others. An individual must merely find it in himself to attain the powers already within his reach.