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About Poetry - Main Information


If you've not yet read one of my poems, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

My poetry is different from most poetry:

• My poetry is simple, easy to understand.

You will understand my poems. They make sense. There is none of the 'what did he mean?' you get from some other poet's works.

• Yet it has depth.

• Readers often go over a poem again and again - because they liked a phrase that said so much, or they liked a line which spoke their soul in such a perfect way.


• My poetry is musical, always with sounds pleasing to the ear.

Many of them have rhythms, some have rhyme within rhyme, often alliteration. I consider many poems to be like a piece of music. Many times it rolls off the tounge, it bounces along happily, or smoothly sails through your lips. Of course some don't rhyme, but I the words and their placement create something as pleasant and moving as much as the others.


• My poetry is positive.

I think that is one reason why the inspirational ones are so real to so many people.

• My poetry is read by regular people. It is not just fans of poetry or my best friends. Scientists, farmers, professionals of all types, people of all ages and all races...people who don't normally shop in the poetry section have enjoyed my work. As soon as I put out some poems on a table and people start reading, the poems are snapped up.

I hope you enjoy them as well.