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Poetry Categories

1. Philosophical, Inspirational

2. Humor and Fun

3. Love

4. Sounds good, but not serious

5. Story poems

Poetry - Alphabetical Listing


Alliteration station (fun)

An American Alliteration (fun)

Aztec in a Limo (interpret for yourself)



Be a Saint Anyway (inspiration/philosophical)

Be Yourself (inspiration)

The Best You Can Get (love)

Bill Graham - His Show Goes On (story poem)

The Billy Clinton Club Theme Song (humor)

Birthday Sonnet (love)

A "Black" Christmas (philosophical/humor)

Bring Back Disco - a plea for freedoms (philosophical)

Bubbles (inspiration/philosophical)

Buenos Noches Merida (story/fun)



The Chem Lab Folk Dance (humor)

Christmas Epiphany (story poem)

The College Student’s Twelve Days of Christmas (humor)

Computer Cacophony (humor)

Construction Obstruction - please go away! (humor)

Cooking 101 (humor)

Cymbals (Symbols) (philosophical)





Electromagnetic Radiation, My Hero (humor)

The Enemy (philosophical)

Everyone is misunderstood (philosophical)



Faith (inspiration)

The Fillmore Remembered (story poem)

Fit to Be Queen (love)

The Flower (philosophical)

Foolish Love (inspiration)

Four Left Feet (fun/humor)

Freedom (inspiration)



Gift of Love (love)

God Bless the Blizzards (humor)

Golden Leaves (fun/story poem/inspiration)

Groundless Doubts (inspiration)



Happiness (inspiration)

The High Ground (inspirational/philosophical)



I Don't Have to Listen to You (inspiration/philosophical)

I Forgive You (inspiration/philosophical)

I Fought the Law (humor)

I'm a Frettin' Armageddon (humor)

If I Don't, Who Will? (inspiration)

If I were to Judge my Fellow Man (inspiration/philosophical)

I've got an ego THIS BIG (humor)



Jacques Cousteau (story poem)

Jealousy 1 (philosophical)

Jealousy 2 (philosophical)





Land of Brotherhood (interpret for yourself)

Limericks - mostly Christmas Limericks (fun)

Lonely Roads (inspiration)

Lost Voice (philosophical)

Loveliest Garden (inspiration)

Love me (love, philosophical)

Lovers' Waltz (love)



March of the Modern American (inspiration/philosophical)

Math Assignment (humor)





Ode to Al Gore (humor)

Ode to a Greek Fraternity (humor)

Ode to a Latte (humor)

Ode to a Poet (story/fun)



Peace (philosophical)

The Perfect Fit (love)

Physical Chemistry Blues (humor)

Play me a Poem (inspiration)

Poet Laureate (humor)



Quake of 1989 (story poem)

A Quiet Evening with Poe (humor)



The Rookie (humor)


Shannon, Champagne Incarnate (love)

Sleepy poem (humor)

Song of Success (inspiration)

Soulfully High (inspiration/philosophical)

Stopping by the School on a Foggy Evening (humor)

The Sword with Wings (philosophical)

Success is Mine (inspiration)



Take a Trip With Me (humor)

That is Everything (inspiration)

To Be a Man (inspiration/philosophical)

The Treasure Hunt (inspiration)

Try (inspiration/philosophical)

'Twas the Very Night of Christmas (humor)





Walking Through the City (fun/story)

Waterfall (love)

What is love? (love)

When Freedom Dies (inspiration/philosophical)

When Will I Win? (inspiration/philosophical)

Why ask Why? (philosophical)



About Categories:

This is just a quick guide so you know what to expect when you start reading a poem.

I don't usually write with a purpose. I just write what I write. I don't know how it will come out until its done.


For the most part, these categories are found together.

Most of my poems are inspirational. Be inspired by the tone, by the rhythm or the poetic form, and by the words that are said.

Most of my poems are inspirational because that is what I do most: get you to see the positive side of a real situation. All these poems came from my experience, and that is one reason readers find the inspirational poems to be moving and realistic.


Philosophical is similar to Inspirational, but different.

Philosophical is similar to Inspirational in that philosophical poems are usually also inspirational because we look at topics, we look at our lives, and look deeply: we try to find a conclusion, and hopefully a positive one, from it. That makes philosophical and inspirational in a poem.

Different: some poems are purely philosophical. Some exist to make a point. Some examine a situation, but does not even pretend to make any conclusions. Some are just thought provoking, making you think about something you may not have looked at before - or looked at in a new way.



These should make you laugh.

I tend to write more comedies than anything else



Love. Romantic feelings between two people. Feel romantic and moved with these poems.



Fun poems are pleasant and put a smile on your face.

Fun poems differ from humor in that there is no jokes. You wont laugh, but that's not a bad thing.

Fun poems differ from inspirational because, they're not necessarily inspirational. They may be, but they may not be.

In any case, these are pleasant reads in one way or another.



My story poems not that long, usually a page, sometimes 2 pages, but no longer. I'm not one of those types that creates an epic.

But stories are about life, about a person, something about myself, they may be scenes, an event, or biography. Stories, in poetic form.

Some stories are serious, some are not.