Pandora's Box

- the warnings and dilemmas


Pandora's Box - there is much to this classic dilemma.

We are curious by nature. We want to know more, we want to see behind the door, we want to know the big secrets.

And yet, sometimes, after seeing what's behind the door, we wish we hadn't. Sometimes we see things and know things that aren't so good.

This can affect our way of thinking, our way of viewing the world. Sometimes this even gives us nightmares.

Other times it leads us down a path that isn't so good. And once we know something, once we see something, we cannot stop seeing, we cannot stop knowing. It affects our way of thinking and living, and can do so in bad ways.


But we are curious, aren't we?


So this is one area where censorship can be appropriate.

This is where restrictions to access can be good.


I recall one part of the classic tale "Arabian Nights."

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the whole "tale" is basically one girl who tells story after story - all very interesting.

In any event, there is one story where travelers are welcome into a home. But they hear noises and things. The lady host cautions them - you don't want to know. You don't want to know.

But they do want to know.

She warns them - if I show you, then you must not tell anyone, and you may wish you hadn't known.


Its the classic dilemma.

Even hundreds of years ago, thoughtful people knew this.


Another story in this regard was written by CS Lewis, "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." It is a small but powerful section of that book.

They find a man who was left on a terrible island for years. When finally rescued, he told them - Turn around an leave right away. And never ask me what I've seen. Never.

And he never does tell.


The point I want to make is that there are those who have seen things, who have done things. When they talk to us, they are brief. They tell us "don't go there" "don't do it." But when asked why, they are brief in the details.

If we could look into the minds of these people, we would know that they have seen things they wish they hadn't seen. Things that affected their lives, things that haunt them. Once you see, once you live a certain way, you cannot go back - you cannot forget what you now know.

If we could look into their minds, we would often agree that we were better off not knowing - but even then it is too late - we know.

They are censoring - for our own good. They are trying to give us their experience, telling us our lives will be better if don't know.


Some will listen to the warnings. Others wont.

Some people will be fine, others wont.

And this is a case by case basis - depending on the issue, depending on the person.


These can be a variety of things. Most of these involve variations of drugs, sex, or violence.

One example - soldiers who return from war. These men have seen things, and most of them wont talk about it to non-soldiers. It is a form of self-censorship..."you don't want to know". The most I'll hear is one story or two from what they've seen...and that's enough for me to agree...I don't want to know any more.

Another example - drugs. I know people who have had trouble with drugs, especially the harsher ones like LSD and Heroin. The life of drugs, and actual experiences while being under the power of those drugs...very scary. You don't want to do it, you don't want to take that path.


There are thousands of variations of things.


I myself have seen things. And, no, I will not tell you what they are, or even the type of things. Some continue to give me nightmares. There are things I have told no one, will tell no one, and will carry with me to the grave.

You don't want to know.


If someone is censoring for our own good, it may be best to let it alone. Restricting access is for our own good. If it is not there for us to see, if it is not obvious to find, then it is less likely we will even know enough to be curious. We may be better off.


But what about being informed? Being educated? Knowing more about life?

This is the classic dilemma, case by case, and you must choose for yourself whether to open that door.

Just remember, once you open that door, you cannot go back.


Censorship and restrictions may be for our own good, put there by those who know first hand.

Think about it.