Ode to Al (dedicated to Al Gore)

by Mark Fennell



Al Gore sighs

and he lies

and he attacks and implies


He even morphs to a new Gore

as the previous one dies

but all that just belies

his desire to increase the government

to a new scope and size


And what of Al Gore's various lives?

In Washington DC he certainly thrives

Yet his tenants in Carthage live in a dive

His past, his present - all so contrived

Left on an island with others,

you know he'd never survive


That's not to say that he's not one who tries

Al tries and he tries

Changing his views with every sunrise

Donning a new and different disguise

Heck, he even tries to be just one of the guys

but he's just not cut out for it

(what a surprise)


Al Gore is like an Olympian athlete,

training his whole life

Every move was planned or has meaning,

even kissing his wife


The fruit is ready, reachable, and so very ripe

He'll destroy the great tree to get it

and if the people question or gripe

Gore won't even care - he will be the next President

and interfere with the next 4 years of your life!