Media and Market Competition

Accurate information, as well as a breadth of topics, is important in media.

Some people worry about bias. Others worry about corporations owning several newspapers and radio.

Here is a two part truth:

1. Free Market Economy, true competition, will create balanced reporting and a breadth of topics.

2. However, this implies that there are choices to begin with. This is up to YOU.


This is easiest to achieve in newspapers.

There is no monopoly. You can start a newspaper in your city. I've traveled around, lived many places, and most cities are wanting other papers. Often there is only one paper, and that paper doesn't speak to the people. Many places are ripe for competition.

Go start a newspaper. You will take competition away from the big guys. You will succeed because your paper is objective, honest, well written, educated, and covers a variety of topics. I don't care how big the other guys are - if you are better, you will take their market.


Again, it is up the the people to constantly create alternate media outlets.

Don't like your local paper? Create one. Don't like what you see on tv? Create your own station.

Competition in media is never limited by the government or corporations, despite what you may hear. Competition is only limited because people are not willing to invest in their own new media companies.


Many cities are ripe for a different perspective, one that really matches with their beliefs. People in many cities will buy a paper or watch a tv station because that is what there is - not because it is the best. You create an alternative, giving the people choice. Because of that competition, both companies will be better - or the bad one will go out of business.

That is the ideal of media and the free market economy.