Managing Humanely and Profitably


Good Management techniques

So, you’ve made it to management. You have used your technical skills, experience, and political savvy to attain the position. The company has grown, and you have advanced along with it. The department has in fact grown so much, that you will even have to hire new people. It is now time for you strut your stuff. You are ready to be the best manager this company has ever seen.

We must first be well aware of our destination. Let’s put this in practical terms. You want your employees to make product that exceeds customers demands and to make the product as efficiently as possible, AND (this is important) you want employees to enjoy coming to work, to laugh at the same time that they produce their quality product, to have a spring in their step, and, ultimately, to stay in your department for years to come.

Remember, life is to short not to enjoy it fully. As a manager, you want a quality product, but why not have the employees enjoy the time they spend making that quality product? Yes, remember Fezziwig and remember Michael Landon. Remember that life is for living, and remember to use the techniques described here to make your department the most productive and the most enjoyable in the company.

Humane and Profitable Management Techniques at a Glance


Techniques 1-10 in brief:

1. Train your employees.

2. Clarify your responsibilities.

3. Set priorities.

4. Redefine professionalism.

5. Encourage laughter.

6. Empower your employees.

7. Run your business like a family.

8. Strive for Win-Win solutions.

9. Schedule work to be no more than 50 hours per week.

10. Maintain a safe and healthy working environment.


Details of Humane Management Techniques 1-10


Techniques 11-20, brief:

11. Allow color, decorations, and personal style.

12. Compensate undesirable schedules with more money.

13. Allow flexible schedule when possible.

14. Motivate your employees.

15. Compliment much, smile often, never insult.

16. Don’t be intimidated by talented employees or coworkers.

17. Promote teamwork and individuality.

18. Balance between a system of checks and greater efficiency.

19. Set realistic plans and accomplishment dates.

20. Use computers to their fullest potential.

Details of Humane Management Techniques 11-20



Techniques 21-30, brief:

21. Find permanent solutions.

22. Eliminate fear.

23. Find the root cause before taking disciplinary action.

24. Run meetings efficiently and with a little fun.

25. Manage your boss.

26. Be a leader.

27. Try to keep an employee for life rather than thinking of him as an interchangeable part.

28. CEOs and Vice Presidents should never be paid large salaries while the company is downsizing and laying off good employees

29. The core of a companies employees are those who work the front line: design, manufacturing, sales, service. Without them, you will have no product, and no profit. Encourage them, keep them, and compensate them.

30. Value Families


Details of Humane Management Techniques 21-30


Details of Humane Management Techniques 1-10

Details of Humane Management Techniques 11-20

Details of Humane Management Techniques 21-30