Jealousy - Version 2

M. Fennell



Note: this a completely different version of the Jealousy poem concept.

Many readers like this one better.


Jealousy (version 2):


How quickly the feelings came to me

When I came to see what would always be

That others would succeed so easily

Certainly fueled my feelings of jealousy


Like a lion tied within a cage

In time I became just so enraged

I'll claw my way back onto that stage

Striking with the strength of jealousy


No longer will I sit and wait

I'm so tired of this pitiful and lowly fate

My lust for power will not abate

Not while I'm in this state of jealousy


First try one way then another

I shoot deadly arrows into my brothers

Until I alone knew when to run for cover

Wise with the years of jealousy


And yet I never fully made it to my dreams

I had pushed my body beyond extremes

The doctor said "He passed away, it surely seems

from a death by perpetual jealously"


Then a bright light from above came for me

A soft voice said "look around - what do you see?

Plenty to be thankful for, I think you'll agree

So put away forever your jealousy."


It returned me home, and yet in a different way

I felt warmth and comfort and saw anew that day

The voice whispered gently as it went away

Waste not a precious second on jealousy."