I've got an ego THIS BIG,

and its got 'Humiliation' written all over it

M. Fennell




I'm the example of perfect breeding

And should be a sample for genetic engineering


You'll want to preserve my DNA

and use my sperm to impregnate


I'd probably hold the record for the highest IQ

and am always the center of every group


Some men continue to call for my capitulation

But only men with faults can ever lose their station


The title for this poem is from a commercial which was on a long time during the time I wrote this poem.

It was for headache medicine: "I've got a headache "THIS BIG" and its got "Excedrin" written all over it."


As for the ego stuff, well, its all meant to be humorous. I was also kind of inspired by the song "Life's Been Good so Far."