I have come to believe in God.

I have a difficult time with many spiritual questions if there is no God.

I began as an atheist, and never started looking for God. Yet, as I talk about in my transformation section, I gradually came to believe in God.


I think of God as like a President or CEO. He is the one in charge of everyone else. In this case, everyone else includes angels, humans on earth, and all those in heaven.

I believe that God is in the big picture, not the details.

He is the creator. Some call it the Clockmaker. He set up all the atoms, and all the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. Then he put it into play.

And like a CEO, few see God. Do you see the CEO of your company? Do you know anyone who knows anyone who actually talked to the CEO? Usually not. And so it is with God. I think God has a whole arrangement of spirits to help him out. These spirits take care of most spiritual business, and few hear from God himself.

Finally, I believe God is big picture and leaves a lot of the details up to us. We can make choices. We have hands and heart, intelligence and creativity. Most of it is up to us (as individuals or as a society).


God can do anything. He just may choose not to.

God hears. He just may not do anything about it, or he may get another spirit to answer the call.

There may be other gods as other cultures have seen. I don't really know what the "god" level is like. Yet if there are other gods, then there has to be one on top. However you call him, He is THE GOD.


How do I know God exists?

I know there is a spiritual world. I discuss this elsewhere.

Basically, there are a few things which spirituality and God can explain: Explain Love. Explain the complex creations of nature. Explain emotions. Molecules and laws of chemistry explain only so much (remember, I am a scientist so I have studied much). There must be a spiritual world to explain the rest. And God is the apex of the spiritual world.