Four Left Feet

M. Fennell


All my life I’ve loved to dance

I get on the floor at every chance

I went out there at least three times each week

And I was always so nonchalant and cool

Even though I was ridiculed

As the awkward kid born with two left feet


Then I met this girl at the ice cream stand

She fumbled dessert on my pants and hands

Then quickly apologized for her clumsy nudge

She had the most beautiful and longest auburn hair

And when I caught her eyes she returned my stare

Offering to share her remaining mocha fudge


I was wearing a bad polyester suit

But she sweetly told me I looked kind of cute

I mumbled some and then I began to blush

I warned her my dancing wasn’t smooth

She said she loved to sing but is out of tune

“So let’s go inside and let the music speak to us.”


In past I’d been as loose as a mannequin

But she kissed me long when we went back in

The lights dimmed and the room began to blur

I was suddenly full of savior-faire

She was Ginger Rogers and I Fred Astaire

And all my mind could think about was her


The two of us danced all night

And, oh, how often she held me tight

Too soon - it seemed - the night turned into day

The days and weeks and months just flew

Until I was compelled to tell her, “I Love You.”

And desired that she would always stay


It was then she got up before the crowded room

Then asked me to join her as bride and groom

My joy and love knew no upper bounds

She looked down at me with a knowing glance

Then asked me softly if I’d like to dance

And I accepted her offer without a sound