The Fillmore Remembered

M. Fennell, pre-1988 (1986?)

Transcending beauty
Love abound
Transforming colors and ideas
Ourselves we found

The Fillmore made history
Through the San Franciscan youth
With them the world became one
In seeking the truths

Some became rolling stones
Others rode the magic bus
We soon realized we're not alone
No more "Them", only "Us"

* The Fillmore is the concert hall where the great bands of the 1960's first played


This may not be much of a poem by itself, but it was written for a contest:

It had to be 50 words or less, describing something special about the Fillmore.

I chose to write a poem, close to 50 word limit.

This entry won me a special ticket: a special concert at the Fillmore (a small place by the way, so only a few hundred people), with special groups from the 1960s, people dressed up in costumes, and filmed for a tv special.