Appropriate e-mail marketing vs Spam


Let me recap in brief:

1. There is a difference between appropriate e-mail marketing and Spam

2. Always remember a very important concept: Any tool can potentially be abused. Never outlaw the tool because of a few who abuse it. If we did, we would lose the benefits of that tool.

3. Appropriate e-mail marketing benefits both the company and the customer. Allowing this will help individual businesses grow, as well as grow our whole economy.

4. In contrast, a very big contrast, spam is more like an unrefined blast without any thoughts to who they are sending to, which then becomes an annoyance.

5. We can keep appropriate e-mail marketing as an effective business tool, yet cut out the spam.


Distinction between appropriate e-mail marketing and SPAM

I see a clear distinction between Spam and appropriate e-mail marketing.

e-mail marketing: target marketing to potential customers, which benefits both the company and the customer. The company has a good legitimate product. The customer is potentially interested in knowing about this product.

These companies are selective, reaching the primary audience, and usually send only a few hundred or a few thousand ads out in a day.

Allowing this will help individual businesses grow, as well as our whole economy.


Spam: Unrefined marketing reaching people totally uninterested in your product.

These companies do not look at the lists at all for any refinement, and they send out millions and millions of ads in a single day.

This becomes an annoyance and a hinderance to businesses.



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