Cooking 101

M. Fennell 11/28/92


I introduced myself to kitchens
About 20 years ago
I'd never used a blender
I could not light a stove

My friends suggested classes
But I could not agree
I figure that if Yan Can Cook
Then I can watch T.V.

First let's try a chocolate cake
Make that fresh milk sour
Is it a spoonful or a cup of salt?
How could I forget the flour?

Vinegar or vanilla
They sound the same to me
Maybe we can cut the time in half
By doubling the degrees

Each main course needs a special sauce
Either A-1 or Ragu
If it's not a masterpiece
Throw it in tomorrow's stew

Since I've had some practice
(and made all of the mistakes)
I can prepare dishes
You'd actually want to taste