Construction Obstruction - please go away!

M. Fennell

April 16, 2002


Construction, Obstruction, Please go away
Oh the headaches and confusion we encounter each day!

This hallway is blocked, now that one is too
I’m a mouse in this maze, will I ever get through?

He’ll teach over here, she’ll teach over there
We must get along and play nicely for there is no room to spare

But I cannot move in yet, because she can't move out
Some claim there is a solution, but I’m beginning to doubt

Students without lockers. Teachers without rooms.
Mold growing in carpets. What ever to do?

This confusion will end (or so we’ve been told)
In the meantime my world is a refugee zone

I have a mold-and-noise headache, I’d better go see the nurse
I just hope I can find her new office before my sickness gets worse

Construction, Obstruction, try mightily to cheer
Because someday (we hope) we’ll be delighted to work here