Computer Cacophony

M. Fennell



I boldly went to meet the world back in 1963

I fought urban blight and for civil rights

and brought a President to his knees

But today there is a Prometheus plight

which has spread like a disease

It is this computerized cacophony I call

the pain of the PCs.


After many modern authors had said I was deprived

I finally cowed and capitulated

buying Windows 95

But I think companies conspired consciously to make computers run our lives


First my “Hal” said “What a dunce” then ate up my hard drive

The computer froze up 15 times and so I had to wait

I briefly installed my little mouse but that it quickly ate

I typed in my old poetry but they suffered the same fate

Oh, the modern miracle! Who would hesitate?


I typed an essay, saved the file disappearing who knows where

I even used the finder but Hal claims it isn’t there

I cried to my friend on the phone “This just isn’t fair!”

But all he could do was speak his mantra: “Make a back-up. Be prepared.”


2,000 hours and 2,000 dollars

Boy am I in debt!

But they say I wont ever be complete until I surf the Net

So I spent countless hours while the server couldn’t connect

And when I finally reached the host all it had was Cyber sex!


I was going to type a love poem, but I’m no longer so romantic

So I’ll turn off my computer now and throw it in the attic

I need pen and paper and a coffee shop

Now, that makes me ecstatic

Please pour me some more Java

and leave the computing to the addicts

*I wasn't really born in the 1960s, I used it for story-telling purposes.