College Usefulness (or lack of)


Having been to college and graduate school, having completed degrees and then living in the real world and seeing many real jobs, I can say the following:

For the most part, college is a waste of time.

Most of the best jobs do not require college.


Popular opinion runs counter to the facts.


There are many jobs out there. Many of the more enjoyable jobs are put down publically.

(For example, secretary, waitress, construction worker are all great jobs - steady career, great working condintions & often good pay.)


Most successful people did not learn their skills at college, they learned them somewhere else. And, most successful people practiced their skills and became successful during those early years while most of us were at college.


I know what I say here runs counter to popular opinion, it runs counter to what the educational world preaches, but it is the truth.

- College should not be pushed

- college is a waste of time and it saddles you with a heavy financial burden for years

- the best jobs, the most fun jobs require little or no college, just technical training and apprenticeships.

- the most successful people, even in the last decades, were not successful because of college, but rather their skills learned outside of college and their devotion to their real career in their early years (while many of us were in college).