Buenos Noches Merida

(With a Latin American Rhythm)

Written spring 1990



This is from an actual rhythm from a xylophone player, whom I heard in the park.

This was written in the Mexican city of Merida. A beautiful city, and a wonderful time. After some good times there, I was relaxing in the pleasant evening. I heard (and saw) this xylophone player doing his song. I used his rhythm and the life around me to create this poem. (even the rhythm changes in the poem are from the rhythm changes in his music)


Buenos Noches Merida:

Friday night papers, everyone is in good cheer,
We don’t care whence you came, all people smile the same,
Strangers talk as if they’ve been friends for years.

A father chases his child, whose laughter wins our smile,
“Oh such joy it is, I love playing with my kids,
Now I know that all my work is worth-while.”

Merida clean and white
Monuments recall their heritage,
City parks for siesta fun.

Locals sincerely friendly,
Kindness free from motive,
Talk with strangers in common tongue.

Holding hands in the dark, strolling throughout the park,
Lost in a world of two, their eyes reveal love renewed,
Couples share the magic within their hearts.

Everyone meets his friends, hoping laughter wont end,
I’ll play my xylophone, until everyone else goes home,
Evenings in Merida that is where my life I spend.

Notes (mostly on rhythm):


Although it has been MANY years (eight years! and lots of living!) I think I remember the rhythm. I think it went something like this:

A father chases his child (long “fa” and “es”, quick “his” and “child”)
whose laughter wins our smile, (long “laugh” “wins”, quick “our” “smile.”)
Oh such joy it is (long “Oh”, long “joy”, quick “it” and “is”)
I love playing with my kids (long “play” and “with”, quick “my” kids”)
Now I know that all my work is worth-while. (long “now”, “all”, worth, quick “my work”

Note: I wrote this poem on my trip to the Mayan ruins. This would be spring of 1990 (Easter week of 1990)
Also note: Ever since then, I thought I LOST this poem. It is amazing for me to find it on my Mac SE, on July 10, 1998.