Budget (Government Budgets) Details


We the People must know what the budget is for our state and Federal government.

Sadly, the government keeps it hidden. Even when you go to the sites of the budget office, the budget you get is very, very skimpy.

What they people need, what the people must clamor for and make noise for until they get, is a proper detailed budget.

We need to know where our money is going - down to the penny.


This is what the government should do for its people regarding budgets:


1. Have a FULL, Detailed budget - every item, down to the penny - available on their website.

Furthermore, make this a regular site of pages, not a pdf file so that no one has to download it.

Also make it easy to search - at least by table of contents linked to the section.


2. One printed copy of the detailed budget should be printed and distributed to a public library per every 50,000 Americans.

I know printing, shipping, and storing of this massive document would cost, so we can limit it to this number.

We can place in the main library of each major city. For larger cities, more copies in more libraries. In rural areas, choose a county seat, even one spot for several counties, just so anyone with in a 50,000 citizen range can have quick access to the actual budget.


3. A 10-page summary of the budget should be distributed to EVERY HOME in America every year.

Yes, this will cost. But this cost is worth it.

Everyone needs to know where the money is going. This is true in a household - without the details laid out, a person gets into financial trouble. Governments are the same. And guess what - without the details being laid out, our state and federal governments are always having problems.

Furthermore, it is our right. It is OUR money, not theirs. We must know where our money is going so we can make decisions (just is in our household budget).

You can also think of this as stockholders in a company. Stockholders get annual reports. They know what the company is doing, and if to demand changes. So, we must know what our country is doing, and, can demand changes.


We need to clamor for this, we need to call, write letters to get this

Lets just face it: those who work for the government do not want you to know where our money is going.

That way, they can tax you more, they can have their favorite social programs, they will not be accountable for better schools. They like the secrecy, the don't want you to know where they are spending our money.

And too, are the salaries - many in government get outrageous salaries, at our expense, plus the unethical retirement practice for Senators - who get paid a salary not just at 65, but just after they leave office no matter how young.


Well, it is OUR Money. Not theirs, ours.

We have every right to look at the books. They are merely managers of the money, the bookkeepers; we are the ones who work for it and hand it over to them.

Have you heard the term embezzlement? Skimming the profits for personal use? Hmm?

Thet is why they don't want you to see where the money goes.

So, lets see the books.


We the people need to clamor for full disclosure of our budget.

We need to write letters and make calls to all our representatives, and to the budget office itself, until we get the 3 items above created and accessible to all Americans every year.