M. Fennell



created between you and me

No one else understands

No one else sees


To them it is invisible

To us it is rich and colorful

No one else was there when we created the bubble. Just us


Our spoken and unspoken feelings

Our fears, hopes, anxieties

Our precious soulful joys

Only we were there for those personal exchanges,

and no one else can understand


Bubbles fill us up

and lifts our spirits high

like sweet bubbly champagne


Something to be on the lookout for

and to be drunk often


Some special bubbles in my life.

There’s the bubble of my two best friends making my 21st birthday perfect

There’s the bubble of the first time I realized that I loved my girl

with so much depth that my heart could break


I often remember the bubble of those of us volunteering

total strangers - pulling together - bonded by disaster


And the one at Bill Grahams memorial

Ordinary people sharing their food, their water,

and their love

Powerful words were spoken

and flowers dropped from the sky


Ah, but no one else would understand how beautiful that was

unless you were there to see it


I used to try to explain these things,

but for people who were not involved with the bubble, they cannot see it.

To them it is invisible.

But WE see it.

All of us involved with a bubble know the power and the humanity

the civility, the love

the soulfulness.

Yes, we remember.

We know.

We’ll never forget


Bubbles are special

created between friends,

inspired by love

or linked between strangers,

brought together by circumstance


Always people sharing a special moment

fostered by the human soul

and kissed by Heaven


Bubbles are as special as a rare coin

as beautiful as a butterfly

as ephemeral as the morning dew


Bubbles will float up and out

But they are so special, you must focus on them

until they float away


Yet, even after a bubble is gone

those involved can remember it with perfect clarity

and create new ones just as special


We must create these bubbles of friendship and love

Keep vivid the memory of special bubbles in your life

Let them lift you always