Be Yourself

M. Fennell



As depressed as you feel
Never give in
You must be content with yourself
Inner peace you must win

When you feel lonely
Remember you're unique
The people that surround you
Don't want what you seek

Among millions of people
You can find someone else
Who shares your beliefs
And likes you for yourself

Everyone makes mistakes
Doing wrong now and then
Don't be hard on yourself
Get on track again

You might be feeling worthless
Totally confused
Hold on until tomorrow
When your situation improves

Thinking about a crutch?
You must stop it now
Once you can no longer look in the mirror
Your life spirals down

If after reflection
You want to improve
Start your new direction
But don't expect too much too soon

Don't be discouraged
When progress is slow
Sometimes you must be forced into change
By someone who knows

To find your peace
There's no magical cure
But when you like yourself
You feel elated and pure

With confidence and strength
Your thoughts become clear
You become creative
And supporters appear

Whether you take the road less traveled by
Or opine that to thine own self be true
As you march to the tempo of your own inner beat
Know always that the first step to peace - is you.