Be a Saint Anyway

M. Fennell



Every day I read the words of St. Francis

I try to emulate the love that he practiced

Simple instructions belie the tough tasks

Did he sigh as much as me?


I no longer want to play the Lone Ranger

Someone else can play the hero and savior

It is tough to continue caring

When you continue to get no thanks


Against my brother's suffering, I offered resistance

Yet for my own I could find no assistance

Is there justice for men who care so?

Between Camus and Capra lies the rule


But then just when I think it doesn't matter

Someone who's life I've touched will show me the answer

Together we have conquered

Love triumphs once again


Yet how often can we taste Fantasia's flavors?

How to find carpe diem in the daily readings of newspapers

We see gray today so often

That we must color that much more


But Lord, why did you design us to run out of steam?

We ought to be built like nuclear powered submarines

Able to face the darkest depths

Without coming up for air


Where would we be without a friend's assistance?

History shows our actions will make a lasting difference

At times I think it's futile

But I know it is right to try and be a saint anyway