Aztec in a Limo

M. Fennell, 1993


As an Aztec in a Limo, your empire soon will die

See the tracks across your pillow, as your dreams have passed you by


Darwin's theory misapplied, you're a Soviet success

Pirates feed on others' lives until there is no one left


The Godfather taught you ethics, you're a pit bull on the loose

We must all be as inventive as Odysseus while you're playing Zeus


Viewing safely from your royal seat your supremacy seems affirmed

But although we're birds with broken wings, you are still a worm



This is one of the few poems that I have written which can be unclear.

This was one of the last poems written for my first book, and I wanted to try my hand at something different from what I usually do. I also wanted to let loose a bit.


I wanted several things in this poem.

First, there is the multiple rhyming.

Then there are many double uses of words.


Then there are lots of references, which people may or may not get.

I try so hard usually to make things clear and not use references that might be misinterpreted, so, for this, I let loose: You may get my references, you may not, but its not something I care about if you don't get all the references. Not for this one anyway.

And of course many possible interpretations.


The basic story is this: A powerful person is who we are looking at. He got there by abusing others. But, like all people who get power through abuse, his time is soon to end. The people he hurt will take him down.