Art - what good art should be

General - what makes good art, for any art form.


Anyone creating any type of art should try to aim high.


Good art is positive.

Good art talks not just about problems, but offers solutions.

Good art reaches the best of human emotions. It makes you feel good - about yourself, about life, about the world.

Good art is realistic and positive. Good art shows how we can makes things better, in a real way.

Many people don't know how, so artists must show examples of how it could be.

Good art is peaceful and harmonious.

Good art makes you want to be a better person, it makes you want to look positively upon the world, it makes you want to make a difference in the way you live, and makes your outlook richer.

Good art teaches. It teaches truths of life, of the soul. It teaches how we should be in an ideal world.