Art - public funding - details


1. Any artist is allowed to create, show, and sell whatever he wants, in his own place.


2. Public art should be for the greater good, the public as a whole.

Since all the public will see it, the art must please many people. Art in public places should be pleasing, inspiring, making one think. Yet art in a public place should never be offensive in any way.


3. Public funding for art can be good, yet it is the public that supports it, and so the public can choose what art to support.

The people's hard earned money is taxed from them, and therefore they have a right to support or not support particular art. Those who administer this public money should never, ever allow it to be given to those who make "art" just to be offensive or vulgar.

Again, those vulgar artists have a right to exist, and a right to try to sell their work - this makes a difference between a free country and a dictatorship. Yet, we do not have to give those artists our hard earned money.