Alliteration Station

(actual items are on p2)

Note: This is a collection lines that just sound nice.

No deep meaning.

It also lets me use words like Xylophone.

Also note that this will always be an work in progress. As I think of lines, or as I refine them, I will add to this collection.

It is all about the alliteration. Enjoy.

Alliteration Station

1. Fledgling elephants elevate television

2. The present president is setting a bad precedent

3. Keep your kitchen clean

4. I sigh alone at my xylophone.

5. Often offspring will offer other options

6. I love your velour

7. Trial Vial

8. Paper sorting is awfully boring

9. Napoleon is not the only one

10. The tragedy, your majesty...

11. Candace lives in Kansas