Answer to the inquiry: Why ask why

M. Fennell


A recent commercial has made me cry

For there is nothing worse

than to ask "why ask why"


These three little words I cannot ignore

This philosophy runs deep in many

while totally against my core


To destroy your brain cells is not a crime

But it is most criminal not to use your mind


David "Christ" Koresh

or Sun Myung Moon

Waco or Jonestown

All religious bodies of baboons


The Rodney King verdict was wrong

But the looters' solution was not bright

Burning their own neighborhoods

Attacking innocent whites


Isolated incidents?

Just extremists in the news?

Examine your neighbor closely

Does he really have his own views?


If all you can ask

is "why ask why"

Then you are too far gone

For me to begin a reply



This poem was written in response to a beer commercial "Why ask Why?".

More than just a simple slogan, it bugged me greatly.


The Rodney King verdict and riots happened recently, as did the Koresh stand-off in Waco. These happened the same time that the commercial was aired.