Walking Through the City

(A thousand desires)

M. Fennell



I walk the blocks around the town
Amazed at the discoveries I have found
Always noting the roadways where I have been
So I can uncover the treasures again and again

I never cease to be quite amazed
At the endless interests I find every day
A new store, a new home, a rebuilt street
Familiar friends with their habits, new strangers to meet

At times the weather is nice and I sit out on the curb
As the city goes by I sit back and observe
People working, shopping, wondering where their buses could be
Then I sight the clouds up above and some birds in a tree

I consider myself a street smart John Muir
Walking the wilderness of the city, I watch and I learn
Cities are concrete, organic, historic and new
An unending well of spiritual truths

From the 5th floor on Fulton you can see the sun rise
The customers at Kelly’s are always so nice
There’s a chess player on 7th I’ve never seen beat
A forgotten nook in the park is my favorite retreat

The business district closes up tightly at night
The red-light wildlife wont venture into the light
Come visit these times and the city is yours
Your kingdom, your majesty, is all these closed doors

Take a deep breath, look all around
Hear nothing, see everything, for not a soul can be found
Note the architecture, the artwork, all so inspired
For the city breathes symphonies of a thousand desires