Travel expenses


Travel fees will vary, depending on the situation. However, here are some points regarding what I expect.

As a matter of courtesy, I expect that if I must travel to a speaking engagement, then all of my travel expenses be paid.

These expenses will be paid in advance.

I do not require a five star hotel and a limosine. Yet I do believe that a certain amount of comfort is expected.


My airline travel must be a direct flight. If there are no direct flights from any airlines, then I expect only one stopover. The flight will be in the daytime, never at night.

My hotel will be something in the variety of Marriot, Hilton, or Hyatt.

My rental car will be a compact, with comfortable seats. Alternately, I can be picked up and driven to the various locations.


Note that I am very happy to speak to several groups on the same trip. This can help groups share travel expenses. However, each speaking engagement will be billed separately.