To Be A Man

Mark Fennell


When I was young I’d just begun

My quest to understand

How I’d face my pain without complaint

And whether I ought to lend a hand

Should I always conform comfortably

Or should I stoically take a stand

Just what does being human mean

And what does it take to make a man


Although I might not always hit the mark

The mark is set for me

A man may sacrifice his life

But never his integrity

He works faithfully for the future

And makes dreams reality

But, alas,

and thus unfortunately

As I searched for men to emulate

I soon became dismayed

Too many men do not truly care

Or too often they are afraid

For in order to make a difference

There is always a price that must be paid


To be a man is to be criticized

Until you persevere

It means never willing to compromise

As they whisper promises in your ear

It means staying by your lady’s side

When she sheds her tears

To be a man is to become much more

Than what it first appears