From Germany we went up to Sweden. Sweden was basically a stop over, a brief visit. Most of the time was spent in Stockholm.

It was nice.

We saw an old ship, perhaps it was a viking ship.

We went to the Arctic Zoo. Like the zoo in Austria, this zoo had unusual creatures. They had penguins of a different sort, not like the ones in American aquariums, but with different plumage altogether. There were some cute hedghogs all rolled up.

There was one monkey who was quite an acrobat - he'd jump for the branch, and you'd think he'd miss it, but his arms being longer than ours, that was just a deception, for he'd catch it every time.

Another fun animal was a bear. He loved cookies. People would toss cookies to him, and he'd catch the cookies in his mouth. He loved it.


From there we took a cruise liner from Sweden to Finland. It was a night cruise ship, which is why we spent the day at the zoo.

We watched the sun set over the water, and it was very beautiful. I took lots of pictures. The next morning we woke up in Finland.