Praise for my Speaking and Teaching


Below are just a sample of the praise I have gotten for my teaching and speaking abilities.

These comments are samples from a variety of audiences.



- "He gave the best technical presentation I'd seen in years."


- "I can tell you these skills and strategies on Civics that you have discussed really works." (She then cites a specific example from her community)..."thanks for making me politically wise."


- "I used to think history was boring, but not the way you do it. When you tell stories from history, I find them very interesting."


- "You are a true miracle worker. My daughter had given up on math long ago. Now she has an interest in math again."


- "I like the way you taught. I learned more from you than from any of my other teachers. I think it is because you kept it simple."


- "You are a great teacher Mr. Fennell. We actually really do appreciate you. Anyways just want to say thanks for being the best math teacher I ever had."


- "Mr. Fennell made learning fun and really stimulated my interest in Chemistry."


- "Mark Fennell has made chemistry very enjoyable and a great learning experience. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite classes."


- "Mark Fennell made chemistry fun! I was excited about coming to lab and learning more. What I learned from him in lab and lecture really helped me in chemistry. I learned more about science, and I often discovered the answer to "Why?" or "How?" about chemistry. I can only hope that I have Mark Fennell as my teacher again next semester!"


- "Mr. Fennell really makes this labs enjoyable. I always enjoy coming to his lab. He has a sense of humor, and isn't afraid to talk to us on a level we understand."


- "I think that Mr. Fennell makes a great teacher because he explain things well, and helps understand the labs better. I'm glad I chose this class."


- "Mark Fennell is possibly the best teacher in the department. He is always cheerful and ready to help. He knows the material well and the projects thoroughly, and keeps his activities running very smoothly. Go Mark."


- "An infant can understand, but a genius will not be bored."


- "Mark, You have really made Chemistry lab a lot of fun! I'm looking to next semester."


- "Mr. Fennell's laid back teaching style was conducive to a learning environment, and he was always helpful."


- "Mr. Fennell is very easy to understand when he explains things."


- "I was very glad to have Mr. Fennell for a second semester. He is a very good and conscientious teacher. I am very lucky to have had him as a teacher."


- "I learned more geometry from you in these two days than I learned from my regular teacher in these past few weeks."


- "I've learned more from you in this past hour than I've learned from my regular teacher all semester."


- "Mark Fennell was a wonderful teacher. He is AWESOME! (capitals and underline put in by the student)


Overheard (when they didn't know I was nearby):

- "No, don't do it that way...Mr. Fennell showed us an easier way."


- "Why didn't the textbook just say that?"

(Stated another way..."you explained this concept so much clearer than this textbook did.")

I get that comment quite often.


And, one of my personal favorites, written by a young man:

- "Mark kicks ass."

Need I say more?