Make Arrangements for me to Speak to your group


Contact: Mark Fennell, e-mail:


In order for me to make the most effective presentation to your group, please follow these instructions:


1. Basic Information:

• Name of Group

• Main Topic you would like me to speak on

• Date, Time, and Location of Presentation


2. Presentation Topic (What does your audience want to learn?):

Please tell me what your group would like to know.

Phrase the topic in the form of a question, such as:

"How can we make nuclear power plants safer?"

"What are the Federal Agencies related to Immigration, and what does each agency do?"


You can give me up to three questions for me to answer in my presentation.


3. Background Knowledge, and How they will use the Information

What does your audience already know about this topic?

How might the individuals in the audience use this information?


4. Contact information

Who will be my contact (for the arrangements, for the fees)?

Please give me the contact's name, e-mail, and phone number.


After I have studied the information you have given me, I will respond to the contact person for the final details (travel arrangements, payment, directions etc.)


Contact: Mark Fennell, e-mail: