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The purpose of Welfare should be Temporary Help. Temporary being key.

The government should follow the Red Cross in managing welfare.

I have been trained by Red Cross in many Disaster Management courses. I know they preach the following regarding Shelters:

There are two rules to shelters.

1. Make sure it is absolutely necessary.

2. Your first goal when opening a shelter, is to close it.

Yes, that's what I said. Read it again.

The point being we have only limited money, so do what you can to help them, to direct them, then get them on the road to recovery and success again. And close the shelter.

That is the vision we need for welfare: when you open a welfare case, try to close it. Help them, but get them to help themselves. Realize money is limited (from government) but is not limited to anyone who wants to earn it themselves.


Womens Rights

I am strongly in favor of womens rights.

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