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SAT test

The SAT test is the most absurd thing in modern times. It tests nothing of one's true abilities or knowledge. The SAT test should be abolished.

Far better indications are: grades, courses taken, and most of all, extracurricular activities (not just school, but everything outside of school such as hobbies, jobs, supporting family, and so forth.) The true measure of a man is by looking at what he has done, in all aspects of his life, and not just on one very weird test.

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Sensual Pleasures

As humans, we have senses. Pleasing these senses is a good thing. However, it should be done right.

There have long been many people who dislike something: dancing, sex, alcohol or whatever. It is wrong to deny such pleasures.

On the other side, there are gluttons, who have no appreciation for senses. For some people, food is something just shoved in within a few seconds. And others have the Bill Clinton approach to sex: random, multiple encounters. These examples are the wrong way to enjoy sensual pleasures.

Sensual pleasures should be enjoyed, yet they should be relished and not just something you do.

Food should be enjoyed for the many tastes, eaten slowly with friends. Music and theater (including movies) should be relished and enjoyed for all the emotional nuances and pleasures. Sex and physical relations should be akin to a spiritual experience, done with someone you have a strong spiritual-emotional bond with.

Enjoy your sensual pleasures, yet also relish them in a fuller kind of way.



I believe that any sexual activity between two consenting adults is acceptable.

I may not understand it. I may not wish to see it or hear about it. However, what two people do in their own home is no concern to me.

However, this implies a few rules of courtesy.

1. Be discrete. 2. Stay healthy and safe.

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Smoking is unlike other drugs since every time a person smokes, a non-smoker is also involved without his consent.

The consequences of inhaling that smoke include immediate irritation and long term health problems, for both smoker and non-smoker.

That is why courtesy, rules, and laws if necessary, should exist for smoking which do not need to exist for any other drug.

Tobacco can always remain legal. However, we must enforce limits where smoking is allowed.

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Social Security

Social Security should be eliminated totally. Why?

1. Our hard earned money is taken away.

2. Many of us will die before we have a chance to use it.

3. Even if we do live to collection, there wont be anything for us to collect.

4. There is no incentive to plan for retirement, because our money is stolen from us as it is. Who wants to set aside more?


I believe the following should be done:

1. No one pays into social security until college loans are paid off. (How can a person think about retiring, when he's got to pay off loans? Right now, we pay both on college loans and on social security)

2. Being involved in Social Security should be a choice. You should not be forced to pay in.

3. The amount you get should be linked to the amount you put in.

For example, if you worked only 5 years, then you get very little when you reach the age. If you worked all your life, but only opted in to pay only a few years, then also you will not get much.

4. Retirement should focus on these two things: You plan for your own needs; and; your family should help (as will your family when you reach that age).



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Standardized Tests

I strongly dislike standardized tests.

I believe it is far better to rely on a teacher's or professor's test.

I also know that many of us do well in the real world: give me the equipment, give me the problem, and I will solve it. I've since proven this true in the real world many times. Yet standardized test questions do not ask for the knowledge in a way to show that.

Furthermore, I know for an absolute fact that many of those standardized test items can be wrong.

Also I know that the SAT test is ridiculous. (see more about that above).

Thus, I would like fewer and fewer standardized tests.

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I do not like our nations fixation with stocks. Stocks do not represent the real value of a product, or the profits. Company leaders make bad decisions just on stocks, when they should be looking mostly at the product itself or market considerations.

Stocks are good, to a certain degree. But they are not as grand as many claim them to be.

We should all be focusing on the quality of the product, and the financial management of the company.

If those are good, then the profits, (and ideally the stock prices), should take care of themselves.

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Term Limits

I believe in term limits for the higher offices: US Congress, US Senate, President.

Local offices do not need term limits.

Term limits help all involved.

When representatives are far away from the people, such as representatives working in Washington, they lose touch with the people they represent. Hence, soon they cease to represent the people at all.

Term limits for national offices help ensure the representatives truly represent the common man in their jurisdiction.

This is not necessary for local offices because the officials live where they represent.

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I have set aside judgement on the issue of unions for most of my life. Even here, this is a later addition to this page.

But, I have come to a clear conclusion: Many unions are bad.

Many unions are selfish, anti-American, and bad for our country.

Maybe not all unions are this way, but certainly the ones I hear about.

I do believe there are good reasons for the unions - why they want to exist. Basically the company bosses are selfish. Most managers are mean. This is true.

But I believe the Unions are doing it wrong, and they are selfish.

It is something I am working seriously to change - and I do mean seriously, not just talk. In any case, whatever good intentions the Unions had, everything is wacko now. Scrap the unions, start over, go a different route.

And again, if you are part of one of those good but unknown unions, let others know. Let the general public know that not all unions are bad. And educate other unions as to how it could be.

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