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Homosexuals may live their sexual-romantic lives.

I may not agree with it, I may not understand it, but freedom means they can do it.

HOWEVER, homosexuals are becoming a great problem. What they fail to understand is that it is NOT the sexual behavior which bothers us, rather it is a many other serious issues.

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Homosexual Marriage

There are two issues here:

1. Should the term "marriage" be changed? No.

2. Should homosexuals have certain rights similar to those who are married? Maybe.

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Income Tax

The income tax should be eliminated.

This will give us more of our money.

Also, fewer dollars in DC means that they will trim down the unnecessary items. If we can't eliminate the income tax, then we should at least make it a flat tax, of a low amount, such as 10%-20%.



Immigration needs to be slowed and reworked.


1. Resources: land for homes, water and more, are taken up more quickly than we really have to share.

2. Many immigrants don't assimilate - they cheat and steal.

3. They don't really understand America. They come here for freedom, but because they came from dictatorships, they don't really understand American ways such as obeying the law, trust, and civics.

4. Jobs. The more immigrants, the harder it is for everyone to get jobs.

5. We now have this issue of terrorism.


What we need to do:

1. Slow the immigration rate. It would be good to stop it altogether for a while.

2. Provide a lot more teaching and advertising to these immigrants that stealing and cheating are not the way. America is built on trust. Also, we do need civics.

3. We must better educate our American-born citizens for job skills.

4. We must also be strict on illegal immigration. (We all must follow laws, getting away with breaking laws is not fair to anyone, particularly those born here.)

5. We need to slow the incoming rate, screen them more thoroughly before we let them in, and keep better track once they are here.

Immigration details


Jobs - Jobs going overseas

When we talk about jobs and different countries, there are three possible situations:

1. The company is owned by Americans, manufacturing is done in the US, and it sells in the US.

2. The company started in the US, yet has grown, and the product is wanted by people of other nations. Therefore, the company builds a new manufacturing plant in a new country. The products made in that other country are sold to the people of that country.

Note that this situation happens from other countries to America. For example, Toyota is not an American company, yet it sells a lot of cars in America, so it is good to have a plant here which makes cars, and sells cars in this country.

3. The company is owned by an American, but puts his manufacturing overseas. Those products are then shipped back to America and sold to Americans.

The first two situations are acceptable. The third situation is the one that is not ethical, the third situation is the one that hurts Americans.








Machiavelli posed an important question: Is it better to be loved or to be feared?

His answer is very wrong.

He said it is better to be feared. But he wrote during the middle ages, in the times of kings. This is significant because most people in power, and almost every manager everywhere at every level, believe Machiavelli is right. They say: make your employees fear you, and you will get better results. This is so terribly wrong!! It is opposite of true, and yet so deeply believed everywhere.

The correct answer is it is far better to be LOVED than to be feared.

For more details on the bad consequences of fear, and the positive results of being loved, read the details.





Media and Market Competition

Accurate information, as well as a breadth of topics, is important in media.

Some people worry about bias. Others worry about corporations owning several newspapers and radio.

Here is a two part truth:

1. Free Market Economy, true competition, will create balanced reporting and a breadth of topics.

2. However, this implies that there are choices to begin with. This is up to YOU.

There is no monopoly. You can start a newspaper or radio station in your city. This isn't a dictatorship with just one media. Our Freedom of Speech means that you can create your own outlet. If your company is better, then you will grow to be the top in your area.

It is up the the people to constantly create alternate media outlets. Don't like your local paper? Create one. Don't like what you see on tv or radio? Create your own station.

I am not yet sure what role FCC should play in limiting conglomerates. The difference I see here is that radio and regular tv are finite. There are limited waves. In contrast, newspapers, cable tv, and the internet are practically infinite; if you want to start a company, you can. So, somehow the airwaves must be accessible to different companies, and not just one company controlling too much of the airwaves in a particular city.

Competition in media is only partly limited by the government or corporations, despite what you may hear. Competition is mainly limited because people are not willing to invest in their own new media companies. Newspapers are the best example of media and free-market economy.



Morals - main categories

When discussing morals, we should think about major categories. All morals can be put into the following categories:

1. Standard Morals (Courtesy, Respect for others, Human Dignity.) Note that issues of lying, stealing, and violence also apply to this category.

2. Lifestyle choices (sex, alcohol, gambling etc.)

3. Debatable Boundaries (privacy vs security; freedom vs safety; acceptable punishment)

4. Laws and Morals (legal limits or community standards; who sets the laws)

5. Economics and Morals (when should money be used regarding morals, and who pays)


Morals - standard morals (Courtesy, Respect, etc.)

I do believe strongly in standard, universal morals. These morals mostly revolve around being decent to other people.

At the most basic, universal morals can be viewed as:

a) Live your life and perform your job without hurting others (emotionally, financially, or physically) as much as you realistically can.

b) Be respectful and courteous of others. (These are often called "basic decency", "civil behavior" or "family values")


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