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Non-verbal communication

I've heard many "teachings" about non-verbal communication. I still do not believe in it.

The problem is that for this non-verbals to "work" we must all have the same interpretation of non-verbal cues. Yet we each have different cultures.

So, it becomes just like the interpretation of dreams: it depends on you and your beliefs.

There is no true standard.

What we must focus on is verbal communication. Choose your words, know the right thing to say, know how to deliver your message. Above all else, be truthful - for if your words are lies, it does not matter one bit what your non-verbals supposedly said.

Non-verbal details.



Parental Rights

Parents should have the right to do almost anything they want to.

Even if the punishment seems abusive to some people, it should still be allowed.

We see the problem every day when kids go unpunished at home - it carries into school, into public areas.

Furthermore, there are many recent cases where the CPS (Child Protective Services) has been like the German SS. (For example, child didn't have sunscreen on, child was too overweight by their opinion...and hundreds more)

Even if the child is bruised, he will survive. Then there is emotional abuse - this happens too, and yet is undetected, and not asked about. They too survive just fine.

More importantly, abuse in the adult world happens all the time. Ask any working adult: has your boss been abusive to you? The answer is yes, for most bosses are abusive.

If we want to stop this issue of abusive adults, lets work on the issue of abusive bosses first. Lets call them in, arrest them for abuse and negligence.

Leave the parents alone.


Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is a good set of laws for fighting terrorism.

The Patriot Act does not take away any civil rights.

More on the Patriot Act


Persuasion, not litigation

We must persuade people to behave morally. We must persuade them to be good, to be courteous, to get involved in their community, and to be healthy. We cannot force these things upon them.

We should not legislate behaviors. Only in the extremes should we legislate - and we must always debate what those extremes are (such as theft, murder, etc). As a principle, we should try to NOT legislate, but rather find ways for private citizens to encourage their neighbors.



There are many reasons we need police. Details

But there are many times we fear them. Details


Practical Jokes

Practical jokes are a bad thing. It plays with a victim's emotions.

To manipulate people's emotions through false acts is one of the worst things a person can do.

You should never, ever, ever do practical jokes

Practical Jokes Details



Privacy is a very important issue these days. If the Founders of this country knew what was going on today, they would surely have made Privacy one of the primary Rights on the Bill of Rights.

The Constitution was written to limit the government, and to let the people run their own lives.

Privacy, I believe, is implied. However, we may in fact need a specific Amendment on privacy at some point, in order to protect our freedoms in this area.

Privacy Amendement and Privacy Act - suggested laws


Private Organizations

Private organizations, particularly clubs of all types, have every right to define their acceptance criteria.

Clubs have every right to exclude a person from their club for any reason that is part of their philosophies or purpose.

This includes sex, race, religious views, and philosophies.

Although not specifically said in our Constitution, it really is part of our basic freedoms. America is about Freedoms - to do as we choose for much of your lives. Private clubs are of no concern to anyone else - it is like a private home. The private organization has the right to determine who is acceptable to join.



Public Transportation

We need more public transportation, and fewer freeways.

I am realistic about this, with real experiences. We can do this wisely.

Public Transportation Details


Punishment fits the crime

Whenever possible, the punishment should fit the crime.

For example, one who litters is required to pick up trash for several days.

The main purpose behind this is to teach a lesson.

For example, I've seen studies which show that those who pick up trash are less likely to litter, because they've done the labor to pick up others trash.

This may not be possible for all crimes, but teaching punishments should be sought whenever possible.




I do believe in religion, but I do not believe that there is a "true" religion.

As I see it, a good religion will have three main items:

1. Belief in a spiritual world, which focuses on things beyond us and more important than ourselves.

2. Moral fabric, with rules and lifestyles which help us to live in a way which is better for us.

3. Community, where humans can share in joys and sorrows of life, and where people can help each other

The variety of religions means that there is one that is right for you. Just as lifestyle, profession, spouse, hobbies, entertainment, and more are individual preferences, so it is with religions. Beyond the big three items above, the particulars are "right" only if you feel comfortable with it and more alive with it. Religion should be invigorating, peacegiving, and comforting, never a burden.

Also see my series of works about religion


Righteous Indignation

Indignation is a good word.

There are times when it is approprate to get angry. There are times when it is appropriate to fight back.

The term for this is "Righteous Indignation", or simply: "indignation."

When you have been mistreated, indignation is appropriate. When a business or supervisor mistreats you, then indignation is appropriate. When the police mistreat you, or government agency prevents you from having your Rights, then indignation is appropriate.

Any time you have been mistreated, any time the police have harassed you, any time you Rights have been infringed, you have the right to get angry. You have the right to protest, you have the right to get angry. You have the right to take legal action.


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