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Economy - new economy

I see the new economy as the Energy Industry.

The United States needs to build over a thousand new plants in the next few years just to meet demand.

We will need sources of energy, we will need transmission lines, and we will need power grids. These must be built as locally as possible for each metro area.

We will need businesses to create these power supplies, as well as businesses who make and sell all the equipment. We will need experts in all aspects of energy technology to design, make, and serve the energy. Schools will need to train people in these skills. All of this together creates an economy.

Many items in the energy infrastructure is also old. Some items need replacement due to years of wear, while others need to be replaced to put in the most modern technology.

Furthermore, more companies will create energy using more environmentally friendly ways. Alternative energy will become more common as more businesses make it, and as researchers make it more practical.

Colleges must not only teach skills to thousands of people to perform jobs, but must also teach the latest advances in energy technology. New technology will make energy production and transfer more efficient. Also, colleges will get grants for studying energy technology. Public schools must teach concepts of practical energy technology to all levels of students.

The new economy will grow just as much, if not more than, the computer industries (semiconductors, dot coms, and computer sales). We will enter into a period known as "The Energy Age", where our American innovation and entrepreneurship will create the most efficient, most environmentally friendly forms of energy creation we can.

The new economy, which is needed in every metropolitan area, will be the Energy Industry.



I have been a teacher in public schools for many years. As such, I have a lot to say, and have written a lot, about education. You can find these articles and books elsewhere in this site.

To be as brief as possible, here are the main points:

- education today is at its worst. There is almost nothing good in the educational system today.

- To improve education is very easy. We need no new laws, no more money. Yet it is also difficult to change because those who run the show do not want to actually teach the kids.

- If schools were a business, they would be gone in a few months. No business would tolerate the many things that go on in schools.

- Vouchers is the key!! Competition will force schools to change!

Main points - things to fix easily to make best changes

Also see other Books and Articles on Education


E-mail Marketing Versus Spam

E-mail marketing should be allowed. Spam should not be allowed.

There is a difference.

Always remember a very important concept:

Any tool can potentially be abused. So, we must Never outlaw the tool because of a few who abuse it. If we did, we would lose the benefits of that tool. This applies to guns, words, spray paint, and, yes, e-mail marketing.


E-mail marketing is a good business tool.

And, although the abuse (Spam) may seem annoying, it is far less of a problem than all of the other marketing/sales tools that exist. My detailed pages will explain.

Spam is altogether different.

We can keep appropriate e-mail marketing as an effective business tool, yet cut out the spam.

Read more on this important issue of Appropriate e-mail marketing vs Spam



I strongly believe that protecting the environment is essential.

The beauty of trees and hills, the calming effect walking among nature, as well as maintaining quality farming and clean water - all these are just a few reasons why the environment is important.

Yet I know businesses must exist, and people must have homes to live in.

I strongly believe that the environment and business can co-exist. There are several cases where this has been proven true.

Read more about Business and the Environment here.



I am strongly in favor of womens rights.

I am strongly against feminism.

There is very distinct difference.

Read more about feminism here.

Read more about Womens Rights here



Many people have lost their sense on food. We all know that diet books are popular, and yet each year a new book says something different.

Although I am no dietician, I eat healthy (friends and dates have even commented on this). I am also pretty fit. So, I can offer my own simple, healthy, eating tips.

Details on eating healthy


Forgiveness vs. Justice

Most of the time, it is good to be forgiving. Forgiving lets your heart be free, and keeps you much healthier.

However, there are times when Justice is appropriate. This is fine line, but the criteria mostly has to do with the degree of the damage done.


Guidelines for when seeking Justice is appropriate

I have come up with the following guidelines for when seeking Justice is appropriate, and where forgiveness is not enough:

1. If money has been stolen from you, then seeking justice is appropriate.

2. If property has been stolen from you, or your property has been damaged, then seeking justice is appropriate.

3. If your personal body has been harmed, if the result is physical suffering, or if there are medical bills, then seeking justice is appropriate.

4. If your reputation has been damaged to the point where the slander has caused you to lose income, such as losing your job or losing sales, then seeking justice is appropriate.

5. If your reputation has been damaged to the point where you can no longer be effective in your job, then seeking justice is appropriate. These jobs include volunteer jobs, community leadership projects, or your primary income job.


Free Market Economy

I am in favor of the free market. To me, this means that each person makes and sells any good he wants. The better the product is, the more he sells, and the more money he makes.

Competition is good in business for it forces all companies to make the best product.

(That is why I am also in favor of free market for education and social services)


Free Speech




Government Budget

- see Budget above



Americans must have the right to own guns.

The most important reasons for making sure Americans can own guns are:

1) To make sure that America is free. This is not just from foreign threats, but more importantly from those here in this country who try to create a dictatorship.

2) To protect your home, your property, your money, and your safety when criminals strike.


Yet, I also believe in safety requirements and some reasonable gun control.

I've had experiences on both sides of the issue. These are cited in the details section.

Gun issue details



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